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Will revoke PSA if voted to power with majority: Omar

Srinagar, Jan 31: As old and new political parties prepare for a face-off in the assembly elections, Senior National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on Thursday vowed to revoke controversial Public Safety Act (PSA), if his party was voted to power.

Addressing NC’s workers’ convention in south Kashmir’s Pulwama, Omar Abdullah said the party will work vehemently towards the welfare of the state and the big relief will come as a revocation of PSA if voted to power.


“The revocation of armed forces special powers act (APSPA) is not possible without Centre’s consent but we can definitely do something about the illegal state laws,” Omar said.

He stressed, “I assure you that our party will remove the roots of distress caused by this draconian law. Once in power, the law will be abolished without a second thought.”

The NC leader said that Kashmir needed a strong, stable and decisive government. and asserted that weak coalitions would be bad for the valley.“We have seen several weak coalitions in the past. Take for instance, PDP-BJP alliance. Unlike her father, Mehbooba ji could only survive for two years,” he said.

He accused the previous regimes of delivering “weak governance” who constantly sought support from other parties.

“Late Mufti (Muhammad Sayeed) was there (CM) courtesy (Ghulam Nabi) Azad and Azad’s Chief ministership was possible because of Mufti. And I remained in power for six years because of Congress support,” Omar said.

“We want to establish a government without anyone’s help. Our aim is to form a government that doles to the all the sections of society,” he said.

He added, “A government is formed to giving a healing touch to the wounds of masses, and alleviate their pain rather than adding to their woes.”
Referring to the recent bids of Mehbooba Mufti of capturing the lost landscape of Kashmir by shedding crocodile tears, he said, “ During our stint in government from 2009-2014, we worked towards reconciliation and lessening the foot-print of security forces. However what good was achieved during NC led Government was put into an abyss by the former BJP-PDP led government.”

Omar said that Mehbooba’s supplication for releasing prisoners is too late an effort to move people. “People have seen it all with their eyes as to who opened the flood gates for all those forces as are contriving hard to destroy the state,” he said.

“Now a days Mehbooba ji is pushing for the release of political prisoners and other political activists. Given the fact she was the one in whose tenure as chief ministership youth were hounded; crackdowns, and CASOs were unleashed on people. No one can deny the fact that it was during her tenure that saw a steep rise among the young educated youth joining militancy,” he said.

Omar said that people still remember how bare facedly Mehbooba Mufti had said that the guns of CRPF and other Para military forces ‘aren’t for mere display but action’. “Now the same lady has the gumption to ask for release of prisoners in whose tenure they were arrested,” adding that it is the same

Mehbooba Mufti who presided over scores of bindings, maiming and civilian killings during her tenure.
“People remember the way she mocked the pain and agony of people with her toffee and milk remarks,” he said.

Omar said that his government had the sincerity of thought and a commitment towards service that helped him to serve people for six years. “If we had worked like Mehbooba Mufti did, we couldn’t have completed our full tenure,” he said.“Her own brazen assertions wherein she said that she tied up with BJP to save her party from disintegration, is reflective of her political bankruptcy and disrespect for the people of state especially Kashmir, which continued to suffer under her rule,” he said.

While referring to the sleuth of people friendly schemes of his government including SKEWPY scheme for youth, Omar said that the former BJP-PDP government failed to rise up to the expectations of youth and pushed them to wall.

Omar maintained that south Kashmir has been worst affected due to the imprudent policies of former BJP-PDP led government. “The landscape of south Kashmir is presenting a charred look. There is no house that isn’t weeping on the loss of its loved ones,” he said the developmental scenario of south Kashmir also reveals a grimy tale of neglect.

Omar maintained that National Conference has the sincerity of thought and the political will to pull the state out of morass, death and destruction to peace and harmony. “I wasn’t expecting such a turn-out of people here in Pulwama, but the way you have turned up has increased my absolve to serve you,” he said adding that south Kashmir in particular has to take a stride in the direction of giving the state a strong mandated government by giving NC a strong mandate to peruse the agenda of peace, prosperity and reconciliation.


NC responsible for imposing PSA, AFSPA, POTA: PDP

Srinagar, Jan 31: Reacting to Omar Abdullah, the PDP and People’s Conference lead by Sajad lone claimed that NC was responsible for imposing black laws in the state.
Reacting to his statement, the PDP in a tweet said, “A party that convinced the idea and acts like PSA, POTA, AFSPA to muzzle the dissent voices, rigged elections in 1987, booked elected people in jails and declared them militants are now asking for majority to revoke PSA. Illogical! @OmarAbdullah @JKNC.
Similarly, Sajad Lone said in a statement, “Omar Abdullah says will repeal PSA if Nc elected with majority. This Act was introduced by Sheikh sahib in 1975. Initially meant for timber smugglers. Was misused. From 1975 to 1989 NC was in power. NC introduced it misused it and now wants votes to repeal it. 1st generation Sheikh sahib :-PSA introduced by NC 2nd generation Dr Farooq sahib :-POTA introduced to state by NC) 3r generation Omar Abdullah:-jurisdiction of NIA extended to j and k by NC.”