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Vlogger Saba Ibrahim forced to quit YouTube

April 25, 2023
saba ibrahim

Mumbai:Cyberbullies have forced Vlogger Saba Ibrahim to quit YouTube.

Saba, who is the sister of television actor Shoaib Ibrahim, has been sharing her fashion, lifestyle, and beauty tips with her followers. She enjoys a massive following of 3.12M on her YouTube channel ‘Saba Ka Jahaan’.

Of late, Saba, who is very active on her channel, has been very on and off. Unlike every year, Saba has not even posted any Eid vlog on her YouTube channel so far. Rumors started floating around that she is quitting vlogging.

In response to the rumors, Shoaib Ibrahim took to his own YouTube channel to defend his sister and urged his followers to be kinder and more empathetic towards others and to refrain from engaging in cyberbullying.

Saba broke down in tears as her brother shared her experience of being targeted by trolls who made derogatory comments about her. He said, “Saba has been unwell for some time, we will let you know what has happened in the coming days. There are times that people ask us to ignore haters but people say things without thinking about anything. They don’t know what trauma a person is going through but it doesn’t matter to trolls.”

 “They (trolls) have been saying things about Saba, especially women. They say that if you don’t know someone, don’t pass judgment against them or their comments. But people don’t really think about these things. Think of the sins you are committing by doing this. I wouldn’t want God to cause pain to anyone. Everything will be okay. Saba will inform you in the next vlog about what happened.”

Shoaib said, “I want people to feel scared of God. If people think that I have become arrogant, it doesn’t matter to me. Because I am speaking up for the people I love, You shouldn’t say things that end up affecting someone, especially when they are going through a trauma. She (Saba) is surrounded by love. I’d want people to seek forgiveness for saying what they have.”

The video went viral, and many of Saba’s fans expressed their support and solidarity for her. Many praised Shoaib for standing up for his sister and calling for an end to online harassment and bullying.

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