Video: Meet Lebanese stone pelting ministers who visited Isreal border to pelt rocks

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Lebanese ministers were caught pelting stones across Israel during a visit to the southern border.

Al Jadeed TV showed Minister of Energy Walid Fayyad and Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Hector Hajjar throwing several rocks across the Blue Line, which marks the country’s southern frontier with Israel.

The ministers were accompanied by several other members of Lebanon’s cabinet.

“Go on Dr. Walid, practice makes perfect,” Hajjar is heard saying after taking a throw.

“Step aside, so I won’t hit your head,” Fayyad replies while lining up to take a shot.

The ministers’ gesture echoed that of the late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said, who threw rocks at an Israeli military post during a visit to southern Lebanon in 2000.

Said later described his actions as a ”symbolic gesture of joy” at the liberation of southern Lebanon from Israeli occupation.

Lebanon and Israel are still technically at war, with tensions flared in recent months over a maritime border. Both Israel and the Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah have threatened military escalation over the dispute.

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