US Military Leaked Report Reveals Detection of Thousands of UFOs in Earth’s Orbit

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Arlington County: The space service branch of the US Armed Forces, the United States Space Force (USSF) came up with a plan to identify and track “anomalous” UFO sightings. The world’s first space force was set up to act as an additional guard to protect the US skies beyond the realm of the US Air Force.

In a recent USSF report, it was found that thousands of UFOs were present in the Earth’s orbit, reported The Daily Mail UK. The sightings or ‘abnormal observables’ present in the space were in such abundance that it made it difficult for the US’ space force to locate and neutralise threats.

Notably, the USSF’s prime objective, since it was formed under the Donald Trump presidency in 2019, has been ‘threat identification’. The Daily Mail’s exclusive report is based on the findings of the USSF’s Space Training and Readiness Command, STARCOM.

The primary task of the USSF to do ‘threat identification’ coming directly from space has been ‘hindering’, as per STARCOM’s report. The USSF’s personnel have been told that ‘abnormal observables’ in space are a major reason behind this.

However, there needs to be more clarity on the exact meaning of the terms ‘abnormal observables’ and ‘patterns of life’ often interchangeably used in the report. To understand the undefinable phenomena arising out of the UFO investigations, Pentagon officials rely on five observables that help them understand the situation better.

These observables are gravity-defying behaviour, eerily low observability on radar or other sensors, sudden or instantaneous accelerations, hypersonic speeds without signatures like ‘sonic booms,’ and ‘trans-medium’ travel between air, sea, and outer space. If observables have any of the above-mentioned behaviours, they are deemed or fit to be classified as ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ or UAP. Similar criteria had been deployed during the 2004 Tic Tac incursions, according to The Daily Mail’s report.

The world’s first space force is concerned about enemies launching covert orbital platforms, as is North Korea’s newest Malligyong-1 spy satellite. Even if many of the sightings turn out to be man-made space junk and “natural debris” like meteoroids, the USSF does not want to miss out on identifying the threats it faces.

Another concern of the space force is the risk of threatening spacecraft hidden in the large, unwatched area between Earth and the moon, dubbed ‘cislunar’ orbit, according to the report.

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