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Ulema, NGOs to work together for drugs free Kashmir

Monitor News Bureau





Srinagar, Jul 10: A one-day seminar of Ulema, scholars, Imams, civil society activists and NGOs was held at historic Mirwaiz Manzil, Rajouri Kadal, to address the alarming concern in society about the growing menace of drug addiction in the Valley and also issues related to women in society. The meeting was presided by Mutahida Ulema council head Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.

The seminar focused on understanding the reasons and extent of the problem especially with regard to drug abuse in order to find ways and means of addressing it and domestic violence and inheritance discrimination faced by women.

In his inaugural speech, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that the prevalence of rampant drug abuse being reported across and valley among both boys and girls and its easy availability needs to be addressed by one and all to save our future generations and our society.


He said that it is for this reason that the seminar has been called so as to collectively deal with this major problem facing us. Mirwaiz said that it was very disturbing that despite being a Muslim society and following the great religion of Islam that gives women all dignity and guarantees their rights reports of rampant domestic violence forcing some to take the extreme steps of committing suicide and other discriminations and abuse against women are happening.

Mirwaiz stressed that it was the responsibility of the Ulema, Imams and Khateebs to create awareness among people in this regard both among men and women about the rights guaranteed to the women by the great religion of Islam and respect for women.

Mirwaiz said he was hopeful that Kashmir’s Ulema, Imams, NGOs and Civil Society activists would work together to deal with both the issues to their best.

Speaking on the occasion, Karwan-e-Islami patron Ghulam Rasool Hami said that the organization led by him has been raising voice against the growing drug and liquor menace for a long time. government, Hami said that it was a matter of great concern that huge quantity of drugs and liquor was easily available in the market while as drugs like Heroin was just a phone call away from the addict and the government was aware of it.

He said relying on the government to root out the menace of drug abuse won’t suffice and that it is high time to unite on our own and to fight it out openly so that the young lot is saved.

Doctors from drug de-addiction center SMHS gave a detailed presentation, quoting official figures in the year 2018-2019, at the SMHS drug –de-addiction center, 6476 cases were registered while as 755 patients were admitted in the hospital.

Official figures had revealed that over 46000 patients were alone treated at the SMHS hospital for being addicted one or the other drug in 2018 and in the ensuing year, more than 12000 in the Out Door Patients Department (OPD).

While as 88 percent of the drug addicts treated at SMHS hospital were found as males, what was more shocking that 12 percent were females that include school and college going girls and also the women with some domestic disputes.

Regarding women’s issues Mantasha Bint-e-Rashid of Kashmir Women’s Collective Initiative (KWCI)  gave a detailed presentation highlighting various challenges women face on daily basis both at domestic and social level, including domestic violence , desertions divorce refusal to give parental inheritance among others.

 She suggested a series of measures to address the issues while seeking active support of the clergy in Kashmir.

Later suggestions given by all members were discussed and a decision to form two panels which included Ulemas, Khateebs civil Society activists and NGOs, was made that would work on both the issues.

Mirwaiz advocated the inclusion of a member from Kashmir Women’s Collective Initiative in the panel constituted to address the issues related to women.

Those who participated in the seminar included Mufti Nazir Ahmed Qasimi of Darul Uloom Rahimiya, Professor Ghulam Muhammad Bhat Al-Madani of Jamiat-e-Ahlihadith, who also spoke over the issues in detail. Mufti Muhammad Yaqoob Baba Al Madani, Moulana Masroor Abas Ansari, Moulana Showkat Hussain Keng, Moulana Khursheed Ahmed Qanoongo,  Aga Syed Mujtaba Hassan Al-Mousivi, Dr Yousuful Umar, Mufti Nisar Ahmed Qasimi,Mufti Sajadur Rehman, Professor Syed Tayib Kamili,  Muhammad Syed Zaroo of Humsafar Marriage Council, Peerzada Abdul Hameed, Muhammad Rafiq Shah, Muhammad Yousuf Makhdoomi, Syed Bashrat Ahmed Andrabi,  Azad Bashir, Ghulam Muhammad Nagoo,  Dr Saleem Yousuf, Javaid Jeelani, Hayat Ahmed Bhat, Muhammad Yasin Bhat, Fouqul Amin Bhat, Khuram Wani,  Advocate Syed Mujtaba, Mir Imran, Bilal Bashir Bhat,  Sibt Muhammad Shabir Qami, Muhamamd Yaqoob Khan, Junaid Kathju, Manzoor Ahmed, Muhamamd Tajamul Qadiri, Mufti Ghulam Rasool Samoon, Mantasha Bint-e-Rashid, Saba, Rifat, Sabreen and many others.

The seminar was moderated by Moulana Syedur Rehman Shams.


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Uproar over Trump’s Kashmir offer

No such request made by PM Modi: Jaishankar

Press Trust of India



New Delhi, Jul 23: US President Donald Trump’s claim on Kashmir mediation led to angry reactions from the opposition in Parliament on Tuesday, as the government asserted that all outstanding issues between India and Pakistan can be discussed only bilaterally.

While Rajya Sabha witnessed repeated adjournments over the issue, the opposition walked out of Lok Sabha proceedings demanding a statement from the prime minister himself.

Soon after the House met for the day at 11 AM, opposition parties raked up the issue of Trump’s remarks made in the presence of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.


The US President had on Monday claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to play the role of a mediator on Kashmir.

India’s position has been consistent and clear on Pakistan and Pakistan-administered Kashmir and has always maintained that it will not accept third party mediation in purely bilateral issue.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said Prime Minister Modi never made any such request to the US leader and reiterated that Kashmir is a bilateral issue.

He said all outstanding issues between India and Pakistan can be discussed only bilaterally, thereby ruling out any third party mediation.

“I would like to categorically state that no such request has been made by the prime minister to the US President,” he said.

The minister said it has been the consistent position of India that all outstanding issues with Pakistan can be discussed only bilaterally.

“Any engagement with Pakistan will require an end to cross border terrorism,” he said, adding Shimla and Lahore accords signed between India and Pakistan provide the basis for resolution of all issues bilaterally.

Opposition parties were, however, not satisfied by the statement of the External Affairs Minister and wanted the prime minister to come to the House and clarify.

This led to heated exchanges between opposition benches and Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu, who adjourned proceedings for nearly an hour.

UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi said that her party will raise the issue related to the statement made by Trump, who claimed that Modi had asked him to mediate on the issue of Kashmir.

Asked if Congress will seek a reply from the Prime Minister in Parliament on Trump’s statement, Sonia Gandhi said, “You will see it in the House. We will raise the issue and Congress is raising now also.”

Meanwhile, leaders from opposition parties, including Congress, NCP, AAP, PDP, DMK, CPI (M), CPI, RJD, Samajwadi Party and TMC asked Prime Minister Modi to give a clarification on the US President’s statement in both Houses of Parliament.

Congress’ Ghulam Nabi Azad said, “No matter which government was in power at Centre in the past, whether it was Congress or NDA, our foreign policy has been that Kashmir is a bilateral issue and no third party can intervene. President Trump made this statement while talking to Prime Minister of Pakistan. If he would have made it while talking to some other nation, then we understand that he could have said it in a lighter mode, but he knows how serious this Kashmir issue is between India and Pakistan. He also knows that India’s policy has been to solve this issue bilaterally.”

He added, “Trump would have thought about it and then said it. We are ready to believe our Prime Minister. We are not saying that our Prime Minister is lying… We want our Prime Minister to say it in the Parliament that Trump is lying. But this is not correct if some officer says that you are trusting President Trump and not our Prime Minister.”

Azad went on add that “from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Manmohan Singh, whenever any Prime Minister used to go on an official visit to any country and meet the head of states there, then they used to give statements in both the Houses of the Parliament after returning back.”

“But in last six years, Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) has visited so many countries, but didn’t give any statement in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha regarding his visits… Rather than External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, Prime Minister Modi should address both the Houses himself and say that he didn’t say anything like this,” he added.

Senior leader D Raja said, “India’s position continues to be a consistent one on Kashmir issue, on disputes between India and Pakistan. They are all bilateral disputes, bilateral issues, and no question of allowing third party mediation… It is a serious issue. We do not want to believe US President. We want to believe our Prime Minister. That is why we demand that the Prime Minister should come and tell the Parliament what exactly he spoke to President Trump… Parliament is in Session. Prime Minister should take the people and country into confidence.”

Resonating similar sentiments, TMC leader Derek O’Brien said that Prime Minister should “clear the air” regarding his discussion with Trump.

“My colleagues including Leader of the Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad from the Congress party, NCP, AAP, PDP, DMK, CPI (M), CPI, RJD, Samajwadi Party and the TMC are here. Our position is very, very clear. We have a simple, straight-forward demand or request – the Prime Minister of India has to come and clear the air,” he said.

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Surprised by India’s reaction: Imran on Trump’s Kashmir mediation offer

‘K-issue won’t be resolved bilaterally’




Washington, Jul 23: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday said that he was surprised by India’s reaction to US President Donald Trump’s offer of mediation on Kashmir. 

“Surprised by reaction of India to Pres Trump’s offer of mediation to bring Pak & India to dialogue table for resolving Kashmir conflict which has held subcontinent hostage for 70 yrs. Generations of Kashmiris have suffered & are suffering daily and need conflict resolution,” Imran tweeted.

Donald Trump offered to mediate in Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan ‘if mediation is required’.


He also claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to play the role of a mediator on Kashmir

Trump said this during his meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in White House in Washington DC on Monday.

The statement created a ruckus in the political circles in India as opposition parties took on the Modi-led government over its stand on the issue.

India’s position has been consistent and clear on Pakistan and Pakistan-administered Kashmir and has always maintained that it will not accept third party mediation in purely bilateral issue.

Imran, however, told an American news outlet that there will never be a resolution to the Kashmir issue bilaterally and asserted that the US and President Trump can play a “big part” in mediation.

“Bilaterally there will never be (a resolution of the Kashmir issue),” he told Fox News after his meeting with US President Donald Trump.

“There was one point when there was General (Pervez) Musharraf and Prime Minister (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee of India when we did get close to the resolution of the Kashmiri issue. But since then, we are poles apart and I really feel that India should come to the table. The US could play a big part. President Trump certainly can play a big part,” he added.

“We are talking about 1.3 billion people on this earth. Imagine the dividends of peace if somehow that issue could be resolved,” Imran Khan further told the Fox News host.

The Pakistani Prime Minister was also asked if they would give up their nuclear weapons if India did so, to which he replied, “Yes because nuclear war is not an option. Between Pakistan and India, the idea of nuclear war is actually self-destruction because we have two-and-a-half thousand-mile border.”

He also made a reference to the standoff between India and Pakistan following the February 14 Pulwama terror attack, the responsibility of which was claimed by Pak-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). India undertook airstrikes which targeted terror camps in Pakistan’s Balakot after the incident, following which Pakistan violated India’s airspace. A dogfight ensued leading to India shooting down a Pakistani F-16.

“I think there’s a realisation in the subcontinent that and there was some incident happened last February and we again had tensions at the border…So, there’s a realisation and that’s why I asked, President Trump that if he could play his role, the US as the most powerful country in the world, the only country that could mediate between Pakistan and India and resolve the only issue is Kashmir,” Khan said.

Imran Khan also claimed that Kashmir is the only reason why India and Pakistan “have not been able to live like “civilised neighbours” since the last 70 years.

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Teachers suspended on Eid await charge-sheet, reinstatement

Bisma Bhat



Srinagar, Jul 23: Forty five days on, the education department has neither reinstated nor issued the charge-sheet to 23 school teachers who were suspended after being found absent from duties on the second day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

During surprise visit to four schools in Habak and Batamaloo areas on second day of Eid, the authorities found that several teachers were absent from duties. As a result, 23 teachers were placed under suspension.

The government decision created a hue and cry with people taking to social media criticizing the authorities for suspending teachers because they stayed home on the second day of Eid-ul-Fitr.


“The teachers are placed under suspension for unauthorized absence from schools; charge sheet shall be issued separately. The suspended officials will remain attached in the same school,” read an order issued by CEO Srinagar, Malik Naseer.

One and half months later, the authorities have neither issued charge-sheet nor reinstated the teachers.

“We have not been receiving our salaries for the last two months despite attending our duties regularly. We have a family to support but the government does not care,” said one of the suspended teachers.

He said under rules the authorities have to give them charge-sheet so that they could explain their position. “Neither have they issued charge sheet nor released our salaries,” rued the teacher.

Chief Education Officer, Srinagar, Malik Naseer, however told The Kashmir Monitor that after completing the official procedure, the teachers will be reinstated.

“Their (teachers) case is still pending. Teachers shall have to answer the charge sheet once they receive it. It is under consideration. They will be reinstated after completing the official procedure,” he said.

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