Tricolour Unfurls on Republic Day, Hoists on Independence Day: Here’s Why

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New Delhi: As India prepares to celebrate Republic Day, this year holds special significance, marking 75 years since the adoption of the Constitution. Republic Day in India is celebrated with grand parades, colourful state tableaus, and diverse cultural displays. But did you know that on this day, the Indian flag is unfurled, not hoisted? While the terms ‘flag hoisting’ and ‘flag unfurling’ are commonly interchanged, they represent different techniques in presenting the national flag.

Let’s look at the subtle yet significant differences in how the flag is presented on Republic Day and Independence Day in India.

What is the difference between unfurling and hoisting the flag?

The crucial distinction lies in the placement of the flag during these ceremonies. The process of unfurling involves unveiling a folded or rolled-up flag attached to a rope while hoisting is the act of raising a flag up a pole using a halyard.

Why is the Indian flag unfurled on Republic Day but hoisted on Independence Day?

On Republic Day, the flag is unfurled by the President of India, and it remains closed and tied at the top of the flagpole. The flag is unfolded by the President without pulling it up. Republic Day marks the adoption of the Indian Constitution in 1950. The flag is unfurled as a symbolic gesture to renew the commitment to the principles laid down in the Constitution, highlighting the shift from colonial rule to a sovereign, democratic republic.

This is different from Independence Day, where the Prime Minister hoists the flag from the bottom of the pole. Flag hoisting during Independence Day often includes a ceremonial event with a military or civilian honour guard raising the flag while the national anthem is played. The hoisting on Independence Day symbolises the rise of a new nation, patriotism, and freedom from colonial rule.

Both ceremonies, although differing in execution, hold immense significance in commemorating India’s journey toward freedom and its evolution as a sovereign nation.

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