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Time to eschew and reconcile

By Naveed Para

A lot of blood has flown down the bridge, it is time to keep the hate-mongers at bay and come forward not only for de-escalating the conflict but, to its actual solution in the interests of people. No democratic institution is worth that works antithesis to the aspirations of its people. No doubt the fragility of conflict in Kashmir has remained a breeding ground for the successive governments at centre and state to fulfill their vested interests while muzzling the sentiments of people has also remained the order of the day. Changing the narrative of the factual geopolitical issue of 1947 by repeating a lie thousand times will not make it a reality. The reality is deep-rooted in a letter sent to Maharaja Hari Singh on 27 October 1947, the then Governor-General of India, Lord Mountbatten accepted the accession with a remark, “it is my Government’s wish that as soon as law and order have been restored in Jammu and Kashmir and her soil cleared of the invader the question of the State’s accession should be settled by a reference to the people.” Again the reality can be substantiated by Nehru’s promise to the international community and subsequent United Nation resolutions. Instead of solving the conflict, diverting and derailing its path is a sheer hypocrisy of successive regimes.
By this policy of derailing and delaying, the conflict has taken a beast mode, costing the lives of innocent humans on all fronts. It is very hard to chew, but democratic process has long before buried here, a recent example can be carved out from BJP-PDP break up where the popular government was overthrown just to pay the way for some deceptive strategies and to procure the national vote bank for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In the process of this mayhem, between bullets and pellets, the ballot has no role. Balloting in presence of garrisons of military might would yield nothing, but will surely vitiate the pure font of the democratic process. The process needs to be streamlined according to the wishes of people and not according to the power corridors of North and South Block, New Delhi.
In the period of past 71 years, this uncalled conflict has seen many ups and downs, squeezing the breathing space for common people to live peaceful and prosperous life, where they can hear the lyrics of Lal ded and Nund resh. The venomous speeches of politicians have vitiated the secular fabric, making the minorities vulnerable. In the midst of this, the government at the centre must not shy away in discussing the problem and, shun the attitude of delivering through the barrel of a gun. It seems Newton’s third law of motion is no longer being taught in the power corridors of North Block and South Block. In the suggestive approach, it becomes imperative for them to understand the ramifications of the third law of motion where for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Before the cycle of violence escalates, it is time to understand that beast mode of weaponry cannot solve human problems; it needs patience, will and honest approach on part of all stakeholders to cure the factual reality of 1947 once for all so that the sense of peace prevails in the entire sub-continent. Time is not to secure votes on our innocence, but to put an end to this phony solicitude, to allow us to breathe the halcyon days. Every time it is in the interest of humanity to eschew the pseudo syndrome of claiming “integral part” or “jugular vein” and reconcile on the factual issue that has its root in Partition of 1947.
(The writer is a lawyer and Research Scholar at School of Legal Studies, Central University of Kashmir. Email: [email protected])