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The Harsh Effects of Contraceptive Pills on the Health of Women

This Era of 21st century has resulted in several girls are now depending their lives on contraceptive pills. But they are neglecting the fact that these contraceptive pills are actually taking a toll on their health and life. Birth control pills toil by preventing ovulation where in no egg is produced in the female’s body. So, there is nothing absolutely no chance for the sperm to fertilize.

Consuming a contraceptive pill has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages in the sense, that on one end it prevents pregnancy and on the other hand, it leaves several and severe side effects. The consequences of the contraceptive pills can also be for a long time. These side effects are unknown to many and are as follows:

1. Unwanted Weight Gain: The effects of contraceptive pills often leave several abnormal side effects. There is a constant link between the weight and the contraceptive pill as its harsh effects of leads to accumulation of fluids in the hips and the back of a woman. Fluctuations in the sex hormones also lead several women bloated and these effects may be triggered if a woman is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal tract disorders. Also, many women tend to gain weight therefore, keep a check on what you are eating, avoid junk food and eat fruits. Keep yourself hydrated and start exercising.

2. Nausea: One of a very common side effect associated with contraceptive pills is nausea. The effect of nausea stays for a while but usually goes away with time. It is advised to take a pill with a meal as it shall adjust to new levels of estrogen and progesterone. If these effects stay for over 3 months, it becomes essential for the woman to go and see a lady doctor urgently.

3. Lowered Libido: The hormonal changes caused by the contraceptive pills can lead to lowered or decreased sexual desires for women. The willingness of indulging in sexual activities generally lowers down after women consume contraceptive pills. It can also augment, as well but in most cases it lowers down. The increase or decrease in the level of libido is disturbing, upsetting or alarming the woman, then she must seek guidance for her doctor.

4. Tender Breasts: As a consequence of consuming pill, the breasts of the woman might get tender or even larger. One can also feel consistent and continual pain in the breasts.

5. Headaches: The contraceptive pill can often trigger headaches for the worse so it is important that you seek medical help. The headaches can be so severe that can hamper your daily course of routine too. If it is bothering you, ask your doctor to change your medicines.

6. Mood Swings: The hormonal changes in the body often leave you emotional, agonised, irritated and even depressed.

7. Irregular Periods: One of the very natural side effects of contraceptive pills is irregular periods and even changes in the period cycle. A woman can even face excessive bleeding, spotting or even lighter periods.

8. Others: Some other factors that of contraceptive pills could be vaginal discharge, loss of vision or dryness in the eyes, migraine, jaundice, abdominal pain etc.

In conversation with Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert, International Fertility Centre