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Suffering From Chronic Fever? This Ayurvedic Herb Could Be Of Great Help

Giloy or tinospora cordifolia is a versatile herb and is known to be the queen of all herbs. Giloy is found in the tropical regions of India. The origin of the creeper is in India and is widely used as a medicinal herb in Ayurveda. Giloy can help treat most of your health problems. Giloy has plenty of alkaloids. Apart from this other bio-chemical substances found in giloy are steroids, flavonoids, lignants and carbohydrates. The herb is widely known to treat the myriad dangerous diseases. Some common health benefits of giloy are boosting immunity and digestion, treating chronic fever, is effective in reducing blood sugar levels and can also treat eye disorders. Moreover, in case of asthma, giloy can reduce its symptoms. Due to its high nutrient content, giloy is used to manufacture many herbal, Ayurveda and modern medicines. It is no wonder that this powerful herb has won the name “amrit” or nectar of life in the Ayurveda medicine.

Top 6 health benefits of giloy:

1. Treats chronic fever:

Giloy is well-known for treating chronic fever and diseases. As it is anti-pyretic in nature, it can reduce signs and symptoms of several life-threatening conditions as well. It can help cure dengue by increasing the count of your blood platelets. It alleviates symptoms of dengue fever and jaundice as well. Giloy combined with little bit of raw honey can treat malaria as well.

2. Heart disease:

The herb is useful for maintaining a healthy heart. Giloy along with piper nigum has a positive impact on cardiac conditions such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, ischemic heart diseases and certain arrhythmias. It will help clear the obstruction in the arteries as well as in the heart and act as cardio protective agent.

3. Skin care:

When giloy is consumed with ghee on empty stomach in the morning, it helps to cure certain skin ailments like chronic dermatitis, prickly heat, sun burns, pruritus associated with urticaria, all forms of cosmetic allergy, ringworm, psoriasis, leucoderma and leprosy. Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the herb can prevent you from premature aging.

4. Diabetes control:

The herb is a hypoglycemic agent. Giloy gives immediate and beneficial effect in glucose tolerance and adrenaline induced hyperglycemia. It helps in the production of insulin and enhances the capacity to burn glucose. It helps in bringing down blood sugar levels. Although you should not replace your existing medicines with giloy.

5. Boosts immunity:

Giloy is widely used as an immunity booster. The leaves, roots and stems find their way into many tonics to ward off infections and boost your overall immunity.

Whether you are suffering from high fever, a chronic cough, gastrointestinal problem giloy could do wonders for your health. It has also been used to fight STDs like syphilis.

6. Blood circulation:

If taken regularly may help improve blood circulation. As an added benefit, it purifies your blood, acting as a detox for your system. This can have positive effects on your metabolism and overall digestion. You can even have it after your workout as a recovery drink for an antioxidant boost.