Srinagar Embraces Smart Mobility with the Launch of Electric Bus Routes via CHALO App

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Srinagar: The launch of the Srinagar Smart City Electric Bus Route Network marks a transformative moment for public transportation in the city. The network, accessible through the CHALO App under the name ‘@SrinagarBus’, offers a user-friendly map aiding commuters in identifying routes and buses.

This innovative system includes live tracking features and schedules, providing real-time information to passengers. The network covers major city routes and emphasizes designated interchange points for convenient route switches.

Srinagar now boasts a comprehensive public bus transport system, urging passengers to travel with tickets, a crucial factor in ensuring the success of this initiative. This launch aligns with the city’s ambition to become a smart city and emphasizes sustainability and modernization in urban mobility.

The Srinagar Smart City Electric Bus Route Network stands as a pivotal step towards an efficient, accessible, and eco-friendly public transit system, highlighting Srinagar’s commitment to a connected and sustainable future.

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