Smart Cities India Expo: Srinagar wins `Best Smart Urban Mobility Award’

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SRINAGAR, JANUARY 20: Srinagar Smart City Ltd. has clinched the `Best Smart Urban Mobility Award’ at the Smart Cities India Expo in New Delhi.

The city’s innovative urban mobility initiatives stood out among leading smart cities across the country.

Dr.Owais Ahmad, Commissioner of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) and CEO of Srinagar Smart City Ltd, expressed his elation at the recognition. “It is indeed a moment of pride for Srinagar city to have won the ‘Best Smart Urban Mobility Award’ at the Smart Cities India Expo in New Delhi today. This accolade is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the citizens of Srinagar and the tireless dedication of the entire smart city team,” he stated.

The award-winning initiatives reflect the city’s commitment to leveraging technology for efficient and sustainable urban mobility solutions. Srinagar’s smart city projects have not only enhanced the quality of life for residents but have also positioned the city as a leader in the national smart cities landscape.

Dr. Owais credited the citizens of Srinagar for their active participation and cooperation, acknowledging their role in making the city’s urban mobility strategies successful. He also commended the hard work and dedication of the smart city team, whose relentless efforts contributed to this significant achievement.

The “Best Smart Urban Mobility Award” recognizes Srinagar’s commitment to incorporating innovative, people-friendly, and technology-driven solutions to address urban mobility challenges.

As the city continues to advance its smart city initiatives, this recognition serves as a motivation for sustained efforts in creating a smarter, people-oriented, and more efficient urban environment. The entire team involved in these endeavors received heartfelt congratulations for their dedication and success.

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