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Result ‘discrepancies’ leave many 10th class students, parents frustrated

Srinagar, Jan 31: Hundreds of students and their parents have been left virtually frustrated by State Board of School Education owning to “discrepancies” in the 10th class results declared by the J&KBOSE earlier this month.
After going through “turbulent times”, a number of students, who were earlier shown to have qualified with lesser grade or even failed in the 10th class, have been declared to have qualified with better grades on getting Xerox copies of the answer sheets, provided ten days after the results by the JKBOSE.
One of the students, Arusha Naseer (8161246), who was shown to have got E2 grade in Hindi paper with overall remarks of “qualified but to improve” on getting Xerox copy has distinction with 417 out of 500 marks.
Arusha Naseer had results of A1 (10 grade) in mathematics and science while she had grade 9 and 7 in social science and English.
“I was at a loss to comprehend how she could get E2 grade in Hindi and better marks in other subjects,” Arusha’s mother and teacher Gazala Syed Naseer told GNS. Subsequently, she said: “we decided to get Xerox copy and reevaluate the (Hindi) paper.”
“When we reached the BOSE office, there was sea of people with grievance similar to ours. After waiting for few hours in a queue, we were first told that our daughter was absent as per records and once we confronted BOSE official how she is shown E2 grade in marks sheet, they advised us to get Xerox copies,” she said, adding, “we applied and got the Xerox after 10 days. We cannot describe how we spent all these days. It was frustrating.” Arusha, she says, now has distinction as her grade in Hindi is a better one.
“We firmly think that this was a not mistake but a deliberate attempt by the BOSE to keep discrepancies in the result to get revenue out of Xerox and revaluation process,” she said. “Honestly speaking, when we thought of applying for the Xerox and revaluation, we thought we were only few but there were sea of people,” she said and urged the BOSE to respect the sentiments of students and the parents.
“It is painful for student and parents to undergo through such turbulent times. Metric certificate is very valid. I request Board authorities not to make business out of it and not rush through the results and make people suffer. Let them take fifteen days more to declare results,” she added. A number of other students and parents shared same details.
BOSE Chairperson Veena Pandita denied mass scale discrepancies even though she assured that a committee would be constituted to look into it.
She also rejected claims by parents that BOSE was doing business on account of Xerox and revaluation process.
“Now you have brought it into my notice I will look into it. We cannot out rightly reject a few errors which would be due to decoding or computer error,” I will also constitute a committee to look into all the discrepancies”, she said.
Asked about the allegations by parents that the BOSE has turned Xerox and evaluation process a business, she said: “the money goes into the govt exchequer. I out rightly reject such claims. (GNS)