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Removing Article 370, building Ram Mandir resolved old issue: PM Modi

May 22, 2024
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Champaran/Maharajganj, May 21: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and constructing the Ram Temple. Modi has resolved centuries-old issues.

“Removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, constructing Ram Temple has resolved centuries-old issues. Modi is not like those who betray the poor. I am presenting my report card. I ask the INDI alliance members. What is your record?” he asked

PM Modi addressed spirited public meetings in Champaran and Maharajganj, Bihar, emphasizing the transformative journey India has undertaken under his leadership and the urgent need to continue this momentum. PM Modi highlighted the significant achievements of his government while exposing the failures of the opposition, particularly the INDI alliance.

Reflecting on the election progress, PM Modi declared, “In the first phase, the INDI alliance was already weakened. In the subsequent phases, the INDI alliance was crushed, and now, the INDI alliance has been completely defeated. Those who considered themselves the masters of the people. The public will deliver such a resounding defeat to them that the world will watch in amazement.”

PM Modi outlined the critical importance of the upcoming election phases. “India of the 21st century cannot move forward with the sins of the INDI alliance. Therefore, in every election, the public is delivering a severe blow to parties like Congress and RJD.”

Drawing inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s movements, PM Modi criticized Congress for failing to uphold these values. “Here in Champaran, revered Bapu practiced Satyagraha and Swachhagraha. After independence, Congress should have initiated a movement for cleanliness inspired by this. But they focused all their attention on promoting one family. Congress and its allies wasted 60 years of the country.”

Highlighting his government’s achievements, PM Modi said, “It was only after 60-70 years of independence when Modi came, that toilets reached every household, that electricity reached every house. This is Modi who took the initiative to provide gas to every home. This is Modi who is working so hard to provide tap water to every household.”

PM Modi emphasized his dedication to the poor, contrasting his administration’s efforts with the previous governments. “The importance of the poor began in this country only when this son of the poor became Prime Minister. In the last 10 years, a lot of Modi’s time has gone into filling the potholes left by previous governments. The work done in 10 years, and even more work will be done in the next 5 years. That is why I need a very strong government at the center.”

PM Modi detailed the development initiatives in Bihar under his leadership. “Bihar has witnessed decades of migration, but due to the efforts of the NDA government, migration is stopping. The youth of Bihar are getting employment opportunities right here. A central university has been established in Champaran. A research center for agriculture. The Sardar Patel Cooperative Training Institute. A cylinder plant. IFFCO markets. A large dairy plant. Bridges, highways, modernizing railway stations. All these have created employment and development opportunities.”

PM Modi reaffirmed his commitment to social justice and the protection of SC/ST/OBC rights. “The truth is, if Baba Saheb Ambedkar had not been there, Nehru Ji would not have allowed SC/ST reservations. From Nehru Ji to Rajiv Ji, all the prime ministers from this family opposed the OBC reservation. Congress has betrayed the poor-SC/ST/OBC, women, and everyone.”

“Modi’s track record is before you. Our government gave the Backward Classes Commission constitutional status and implemented OBC reservation in Central Schools and medical education. If the interests of SC/ST/OBC are most secure anywhere, it is with BJP, it is with NDA,” he added.

PM Modi urged the people to support the NDA candidates and ensure a strong government. “To fulfill every guarantee of social justice, you need to form a strong Modi government at the center.”

Addressing his second public meeting in Maharajganj, Bihar, PM Modi reaffirmed his commitment to the people and outlined his vision for a developed Bihar and a prosperous India. PM Modi highlighted the increasing criticism from the opposition as June 4th approaches, and said “INDI alliance cannot tolerate that the people of this country are going to choose Modi again for the next five years.”

Highlighting the evil intentions and approach of the INDI alliance, PM Modi said, “When they gather, three evils are visible. First, these INDI alliance people are extremely communal, 100% communal. Second, these INDI alliance people are extremely casteist. Third, these INDI alliance people are extremely dynastic. These are the people under whose governments the country burned in the fire of communalism. These are the people who for years divided the country with casteism and deprived the backward classes of their rights.

He also spoke about his government’s efforts to uplift the poor, stating, “This son of the poor is working day and night to make your life easier. Today, millions of poor people are receiving free grains. Today, water is reaching every home, there is electricity, and there are toilets. Modi has delivered affordable gas cylinders to sisters. Sisters tell me that they have greatly benefited from the free treatment scheme.”

PM Modi concluded his address with a call to action, urging the people of Maharajganj to support local candidates and ensure a strong government at the center. “Your vote is not just to elect an MP. Your vote will elect a strong PM for a strong India.”

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by The Kashmir Monitor staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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