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Prince William serves veg burgers, stuns diners

August 1, 2023
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Prince William, the Prince of Wales, surprised unsuspecting diners at a food van in central London by personally serving them vegetarian burgers made with products from Earthshot Prize-winning initiatives. This act aimed to raise awareness about environmentally friendly solutions recognized by the prestigious Earthshot Prize.

The Earthshot Prize, instituted in 2021 and scheduled to continue annually until 2030, celebrates five outstanding individuals each year for their exceptional contributions to environmental causes. The primary focus of the prize is to protect and restore nature, purify our air, revitalize our oceans, create a waste-free world, and combat climate change.

To spotlight the remarkable work of last year’s winners, Prince William collaborated with the renowned YouTube channel “Sorted Food” to conceptualize, cook, and distribute the Earthshot burgers. These special burgers featured ingredients cultivated using a “greenhouse-in-a-box” technology developed by the Indian company Kheyti. Additionally, the cooking process took place on Mukuru clean stoves, designed in Kenya to reduce air pollution. To maintain the eco-friendly theme, the burgers were served in Notpla biodegradable cartons, a creation hailing from London.

The Earthshot Prize, co-launched by Prince William and the esteemed environmentalist Sir David Attenborough in 2020, awards five winners from a pool of 30 finalists with £1 million each to further their groundbreaking environmental endeavors. Among the illustrious winners, Kheyti triumphed in the Protect and Restore Nature category, while Mukuru and Notpla secured their victories in the Clean Our Air and Build A Waste-Free World categories, respectively.

Kheyti, an innovative Indian startup, offers transformative solutions to local smallholder farmers by reducing costs, enhancing yields, and safeguarding livelihoods in the face of climate change. The recognition and support provided by The Earthshot Prize attest to their invaluable contributions in tackling the most pressing environmental challenges that our planet faces.

Prince William’s initiative to promote Earthshot Prize winners not only acknowledges their exceptional efforts but also serves as an inspiring call to action for others to join the global movement for environmental conservation. By showcasing the impact of these innovative solutions, the Prince highlights the significance of collaborative efforts in preserving our planet for future generations.

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