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Political debate to focus on Modi vs ‘anarchist combination’: Jaitley

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New Delhi :Union Minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday said aspirational India would reject the “anarchist” formation of “disparate political parties” which are promising to come together to fight the BJP in the next general elections.

He said the political agenda for the debate this year appropriately would be Prime Minister Narendra Modi versus an “anarchist combination” of such parties.


“A group of disparate political parties are promising to come together. Some of their leaders are temperamental, others occasionally change ideological positions. With many of them, such as TMC, DMK, TDP, BSP and the JD(S), the BJP has had an opportunity to share power. They frequently change political positions,” Jaitley wrote in a Facebook post.

Aspirational societies with vibrant democracies did not invite anarchy, the minister said, adding that a strong nation and the requirements of good governance abhorred anarchy.

Several opposition parties, including the Congress, are trying to forge an alliance to take on the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Prime Minister Modi had given “scam-free” government and his fifth year would focus on consolidation of policies and programmes, he wrote.

Jaitley, who had a renal transplant earlier this month and was shifted out of the ICU on Friday, said the country’s mood had transformed from despair to hope and aspirations in last four years.

“Good governance and good economics have been blended with good politics. The result of this has been that the BJP is more confident, its geographical base has become much bigger, its social base has expanded and its winnability has hugely increased,” he said.

Attacking the Congress, Jaitley said the party “is in desperation without the perks of office”.

“From the dominant party of Indian politics, it is moving towards the ‘fringe’, its political positions are not of a mainstream party but one usually adopted by ‘fringe’ organisations. Fringe organisations can never hope to come to power,” the minister’s Facebook post noted.

“Its best hope lies in becoming a supporter of regional political parties. State-level regional political parties have realised that the marginalised Congress can at best be either a junior partner or a marginal supporter,” he said. PTI