PM Modi urges ‘big families’ to not hold weddings overseas

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During the 107th edition of ‘Mann ki Baat,’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised concerns about the rising trend of overseas weddings. He expressed unease regarding certain “big families” opting for weddings abroad and urged them to consider celebrating within India to retain the country’s financial resources.

Highlighting the current wedding season, the Prime Minister noted estimates by trade organizations suggesting potential business worth nearly Rs 5 lakh crore. Modi encouraged individuals to prioritize purchasing locally made products for wedding shopping.

“Addressing the topic of marriage, there’s been something bothering me for a while now… If I can’t share my concerns with my family, then whom can I share it with? Think about it… there’s a recent trend among some families to conduct weddings overseas. Is this really necessary?” Modi questioned.

He emphasized that if the inclination towards overseas weddings diminishes, it would provide opportunities for Indians to offer services at such events.

“Even individuals from modest backgrounds will cherish memories of your wedding. Can we extend the ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative to this aspect? Why not celebrate these ceremonies within our own country?” inquired the Prime Minister.

He mentioned that although the specific arrangements preferred in overseas weddings might not currently exist in India, organizing such events could lead to the development of necessary systems. “This concerns prominent families. I hope this concern of mine reaches those influential families,” PM Modi remarked.

He further emphasized that if the citizens actively engage in nation-building, no force in the world can impede the country’s progress.

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