‘Papa, They Will Kill Me’: 28-Year-Old Man Killed Following a Tinder Date

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In New Delhi, Dushyant Sharma, 28, felt incredibly happy when he connected with Priya Seth on Tinder, thinking they shared common interests. After chatting on the app for three months, they agreed to meet in person. Priya, who was 27, invited him to a rented place, which Dushyant agreed to visit.

Their relationship began in February 2018 but was based on two lies from the start. Dushyant, who was married, pretended to be a wealthy businessman named Vivan Kohli from Delhi on Tinder. Priya had engaged with him solely to kidnap him and extort money.

With the help of two others, Dikshant Kamra and Lakshya Walia, Priya kidnapped Dushyant when he arrived at the house.

When they demanded a ransom, they discovered that Dushyant wasn’t as wealthy as he claimed. After his family couldn’t pay ₹ 10 lakh, they brutally killed him, stabbing and suffocating him with a pillow.

Dushyant’s father received a call from his son’s phone pleading for money to save his life. He tried to negotiate, but Priya was abusive, demanding ₹ 10 lakh. Unable to arrange the full amount, he managed to deposit ₹ 3 lakh into Dushyant’s account, but the criminals withdrew ₹ 20,000 using his debit card. Fearing exposure, they murdered Dushyant and hid his body in a suitcase in a village near Jaipur, discovered on May 4, 2018.

Priya confessed her involvement in the crime after conviction, revealing her motives. She stated that Dikshant, with whom she was in a relationship, owed ₹ 21 lakh and planned to extort money from someone to settle the debt.

Despite the father sending money, Priya admitted they had already killed Dushyant. They had initially tried strangling and suffocating him but resorted to slashing his throat with a knife, resulting in his death.

A Jaipur court sentenced the trio to life imprisonment for Dushyant Sharma’s murder. Sessions Judge Ajit Kumar Hinger stated that the prosecution presented substantial evidence to confirm the facts of the case.

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