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`Nobody can feel pain of little dog’: For days, canine searches for master in earthquake-hit Afghanistan

July 1, 2022

An image of a dog trying to locate his master in the earthquake-hit Afghanistan is breaking the internet.

The earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter Scale left Afghanistan battered. Rescuers noticed a dog coming to a particular place regularly and trying to find something.

After probing, it came to the fore that “the owner and its family died in the earthquake. According to the neighbors, they have taken the dog under their care to provide it with food and accommodation.

But, the dog arrives daily at the affected area and cries on the spot.
The dog’s anxiousness about finding its owner and its family from the debris has brought tears to the people.

“Every person in the house this dog belongs to was killed in the earthquake. Neighbors said they took him with them to feed/take care of. He keeps coming back to the destroyed house and wails. Ochki village in Gayan, Paktika,” tweeted a user.

“Nobody can feel the pain which the little dog is suffering in his heart and brain…Applauds to the neighbors for adopting him,” wrote another.

“Sometimes nature gets cruel..sad to see his face ..it’s difficult to make him understand that their closed ones are no more. May he gets the strength to live the rest of his life, hope he will get his food from somewhere,” tweeted third.

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