New Year Extravaganza at Gulmarg, Kashmiri Sensation Abha Hanjura to Perform Live!

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Tourists and Locals enjoy in clad Gulmarg during New year 2022 celebrations. 4 scaled

Under the radiant winter sun, the enchanting town of Gulmarg in north Kashmir gleamed with resplendent snow covering its landscape, as cheerful anticipation filled the air, signaling the forthcoming grand New Year gala.

Local artisans adorned the streets with vibrant decorations, creating a festive atmosphere. Amid the bustling winter tourist season, the Gulmarg Development Authority (GDA) and other stakeholders in the tourism sector have made arrangements to ensure a successful and massive influx of visitors.

The Tourism department has roped in Kashmiri celebrated singer Aabha Hanjura to perform live at Gulmarg Golf Course to enthral tourists on New Year’s Eve.

“The Department of Tourism has invited me to the beautiful valley of Kashmir. I will be performing with my band on December 31 to celebrate New Year with all of you,” said Hanjura in a promotional video.

The department would also hold laser sound and light shows apart from the musical night at Gulmarg on December 31. The hoteliers also have made special arrangements for gala dinners and musical nights for the tourists.

Assistant Director Tourism, Gulmarg, Javeed-ur-Rehman said the destination decked up for the New Year and winter season boom. “The hospitality sector, including hotels and guesthouses, is operating at full capacity, showcasing its ability to seamlessly host a large influx of tourists,” he said.

The iconic Gulmarg Gondola, Asia’s highest cable car, surrounded by a blanket of pristine snow, has already become the centerpiece of the celebration.

Families and friends have started to gather at Gulmarg, 52 km from Srinagar, to share stories and relish traditional Kashmiri delicacies.

Hotels and resorts are fully booked, with guests from around the country and world eager to witness the magical transition to the New Year in this winter wonderland. The festivities are scheduled to continue till January 1 to ensure that Gulmarg’s New Year gala becomes a memorable experience for all who join in the celebration.

The number 1 tourist destination in the Valley has hosted a record 1.65 million tourists this year. The destination served as an irresistible draw for visitors seeking thrilling winter sports along with the tranquillity of its breathtaking scenery.

Meanwhile, to ensure the safety of the tourists amidst the prevailing harsh weather, a control room has been also established to facilitate a swift response in the face of weather challenges.

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