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my mother essay

By Sehrish Shafi

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.


Stevie Wonder

The lap of a mother is first school for the children and it is the mother who teaches the child how to talk and walk. The education from the lap of mother is considered to be a basic education that a child gets irrespective of whether the mother is educated or not. As both g are full of affection and every mother is respectable whether literate or illiterate. Every mothers wishes to make her child prosper but some children can’t achieve this goal due to the environment in which they have to grow, play and mingle. Some argue that the main cause is illiteracy of the mother and in some cases it is totally different as we have seen some people who became most influential and famous, but their mother’s were illiterate. However education is necessary for the prosperity of the society.

On the other hand, it has been observed that educated mothers do their best to educate their children. Educated mothers love their children without spoiling their habits. An uneducated mother is a failure in every field nowadays, while an educated mother is a blessing and she does her best to build a brilliant universe for her children and in the long run for the society. It is only educated mother which can raise the standard of our life and can develop positive attitude in the minds of the siblings. Mahatma Gandhiji once said, “To educate a mother means to educate the whole family”. The saying of the Gandhiji still holds good on education to women that plays a very important role in the development of a prosperous society.

We can’t explain mothers love; it is a feeling which requires unlimited words to explain. Mothers love always encourages children; she is only the person who has no demands except the best future of her children. The power of mothers love is that it easily turns her children into the right way of truth and honesty. She knows everything what her children want. The sweet connection between children and mother is that if her child gets hurt, mother feels the pain. She can easily identify each desire of her children even when her children are not able to speak it properly. She prepares her children for future struggle of life and guides them to become a good human being. She spends every second around her children for full filling their all needs. She always cares without any personal greed. She boosts the confidence in her children to overcome the problem and always stands with them during happiness as well as in sadness. She always thinks about her family members how to make them happy without full filling her own desires. She works round the clock without any complaints to keep the family happy. The bond between the children and mother is so strong that nobody can break it .Mother is so kind hearted that she can easily forgive her children for any wrong doings. A mother is an inspiration to her children.

She is the embodiment of Love and care. No one in this world can replace the love and care of the Mother.

The education of female child hence becomes very important that can’t be ignored at any cost, as is well evidenced from all the religious teachings. It is also necessary that we have tremendous will power, purposeful thoughts and dynamic motivating power to motivate women towards education. The education of mother will help to wipe out all the evils and sins of the whole world and this planet will be wonderful place to live in.

(The writer is B.Sc. III Sem Student at GDC Bibehara)