‘Most misunderstood animal’: Man quits cushy IT job, sets up donkey farm; gets Rs 17L order for milk  

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Srinivas Gowda Karnataka ANI Photo

A 42-year-old man quit his cushy IT job to fulfill his desire to set up a donkey farm and sell its milk in the market.

Srinivas Gowda opened a unique donkey farm in Dakshina Kannada district’s village early this month. In less than 15 days of opening, the 42-year-old has already received orders worth Rs 17 lakh.

With an investment of Rs 42 lakh, Gowda has bought 20 donkeys at his farm. Specializing in donkey milk delivery is an extremely niche market but Gowda is already on cloud nine with early success. Reports say that the farm that was opened on June 8 has already received orders worth Rs 17 lakh.

Despite many people mocking him for the choice of animals for his farm business, Gowda said that he was convinced about the latent demand in the market.

Newspapers quoting him said the idea is to sell donkey milk in sachets of 30 ml at a cost of Rs 150. The donkey farm owner says that these packets will soon be available at various outlets in malls and supermarkets.

The Isiri farm started by Gowda is the first of its kind in Karnataka. Before this, a special donkey farm was also opened in Kerala’s Ernakulam. Beauty products containing donkey milk are gaining a foothold in India. From fairness creams to those sued for joint pains, donkey milk is now a popular ingredient in various products. 

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