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Mi Home Security Camera 360° review: Packed with features

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In India, Xiaomi’s Redmi and Mi smartphones tend to hog the limelight, but back home in China, the company is known for a wide-range of products, including smart home devices. In India too, Xiaomi has been expanding the presence of the brand, and we now have Mi Home Security camera, Mi LED TVs, Mi Air Purifiers, and other products being sold in the country.

The Mi Home Security Camera 360 is one such device that Xiaomi has introduced in India for a price of Rs 2,699?. The camera is capable of recording footage at up to 1080p or Full HD resolution, has a slot for a microSD card, and is capable of motion detection. The camera can also record video in the dark with the Infrared Night vision. It also has a Talkback feature thanks to 2-way audio.

Mi Home Security Camera 360° review


When it comes to home security cameras, there’s always the question do you need these, and do they really solve a problem? To answer the second part, CCTV cameras, definitely do not deter petty crime. I have seen in my own locality and house how thieves have broken in twice and stolen bicycles, despite there being CCTV cameras in the house and in other homes.

It is also unnerving how sometimes these thieves will just stare straight in the camera and walk off with what they came to steal. All you are left with is footage of the thief, and unless the police takes some action not much is going to happen.

So then are CCTV cameras really needed inside the house? Despite the very obvious lack of deterrence, there are some advantages to having such devices inside a house. They do help home-owners at least keep a track of what is going on, and can alert should someone break in.

With the Mi Home Security Camera 360 the number of features and simplicity of using this is what works in its favour. The Mi Home Security Camera 360° has a continuous footage playing on my phone, whenever the device is online or switched on, which I found very useful.

Once both the camera and your phone are connected via the Mi Home app, you can control it from anywhere, which many urban users will find useful. Other CCTV cameras in the market also offer apps and the ability to see footage, but its not as simple and fluid as the Mi camera.

The Mi Camera’s motion detection feature is useful and accurate. I found myself relying on this when I was alone at home during the night. I had the camera in the drawing room with motion detection and alerts on, which was a good way of keeping an eye on the main entrance in case there was any cause for alarm.

The camera also helps when you are out of the house, as we were traveling for Diwali. I could check-in once in a while to see if anyone else was coming in, other than my help. The camera’s 360-degree motion meant I could move it around from the app, while on holiday and see all that was within the scope of the camera.

Another useful feature in the camera is that when motion detection is on, it will send alerts on the app. A small clip of that instance is sent as a message and you can see it to check if all is okay.
Many users will find the camera is a good one to install in bedrooms, if they are going away for a vacation. It is one of the simplest way of checking in and keep tabs that nobody is breaking in while you are away.

The audio call feature also works accurately on the Mi Security Home camera. For those with pets alone at home, you can perhaps try calling them. However, it’s not something I am too keen on trying. Pets, especially dogs can get disconcerted when a camera suddenly starts shouting their name, and might get more confused and upset.

Mi Security Camera can be fitted to a wall as well or users can just keep it on their table or wherever else they find convenient. What I liked is that with the Mi camera, nobody requires a fancy setup to access footage. Plus, you can always switch off the camera when you are back home for more privacy.

I had some issues with the camera as well. The first one with Mi Security camera was setting it up, when it would not connect to the WiFi. I was told connecting to the Asia server would fix the problem, which it did. Another issue that I faced was with the motion detection.

When I first set up the camera, it did not detect the motion, even though I walked by two or three times within range of the camera. I did not get alerts from the app capturing this movement, which I thought was odd. But after that first initial hiccup, the camera was regular in sending notifications for motion detection.

Mi Home Security Camera 360° review: Should you get?

If you are someone who stays away from home for long hours or travel far too often, the Mi Home Security Camera 360° can be a useful device in helping you keep tabs on what’s going on at home. Especially, if you have some valuables at home, a camera inside the home can be deterrence as well, though it might not always work.

The Mi Home Security camera does what it claims, and thanks to the simple user interface makes it easy to set up and use, which many customers will appreciate



Novel microscope can non-invasively diagnose, treat diseases:Study

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Scientists have developed a specialised microscope that has the potential to diagnose diseases like skin cancer as well as perform precise surgery without making any incisions in the skin.

According to the study published in the journal Science Advances, the microscope allows medical professionals to pinpoint the exact location of an abnormality, diagnose it and treat it instantly.

“Our technology allows us to scan tissue quickly, and when we see a suspicious or abnormal cell structure, we can perform ultra-precise surgery and selectively treat the unwanted or diseased structure within the tissue – without cutting into the skin,” said Yimei Huang from the University of British Columbia in Canada.


It could be used to treat any structure of the body that can be reached by light and requires extremely precise treatment, including nerves or blood vessels in the skin, eye, brain or other vital structures, researchers said.

“For diagnosing and scanning diseases like skin cancer, this could be revolutionary,” said Harvey Lui, professor at the University of British Columbia.

The study shows that the device allows imaging of living tissue up to about one millimetre in depth using an ultrafast infrared laser beam.

Researchers said that this microscope, however, is different from previous technology due to its capability to not only digitally scan living tissue, but also treat the tissue by intensifying the heat produced by the laser.

“We can alter the pathway of blood vessels without impacting any of the surrounding vessels or tissues,” said Lui.

The researchers also said that their aim is to make multiphoton microscope technology more versatile while also increasing its precision.

“We wanted to be able to identify what was happening under the skin from many different angles and to have the capability of imaging different body sites,” said Haishan Zeng from the University of British Columbia.

Developments of a miniature version of the telescope that could be used to perform microscopic examinations and treatment during endoscopy are also underway, researchers said.

“We are not only the first to achieve fast video-rate imaging that enables clinical applications, but also the first to develop this technology for therapeutic uses,” said Zeng

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Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone coming to India on May 27:Report

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After Asus and Nubia, Black Shark is set to launch a high-end gaming smartphone in India. According to BGR India, Black Shark has already started sending invites for the launch of Black Shark 2. The gaming phone will reportedly launch in India on May 27.

Black Shark 2 was launched in March and is already available for sale in China. The phone is the second-generation gaming smartphone and a follow-up to the Black Shark Helo.

This will be the first ever gaming smartphone from Black Shark to launch in the country. In case you are not aware, Black Shark is a sub-brand of Xiaomi.


As expected, this is a premium smartphone with top-of-the-line specifications. The device boasts a 6.39-inch AMOLED display with a 2340 x 1080 and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. The entire display, according to the company, is pressure sensitive. This means gamers can map onto the display that reacts to different levels of pressure
Under the hood, it is powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor coupled with either 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage or 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage. There’s also a 4,000mAh battery with 27W fast charging support, a 48MP/12MP rear camera setup, and a 20MP front-facing camera.

It also features an in-display fingerprint scanner, similar to the OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy S10+. Black Shark 2 also comes with Liquid Cooling 3.0, a vapor cooling system similar to what the Razer Phone 2 uses. The company also plans to sell optional accessories with the Black Shark 2 in India.

The launch of Black Shark 2 comes at a time when the popularity of mobile games like PUBG and Fortnite at the all-time high in India. The gaming smartphone will take on the likes of the Asus ROG Phone and Nubia Red Magic. Interestingly, ZTE’s sub-brand Nubia is also expected to launch the Red Magic 3 in India in the coming days.

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Tara Sutaria obsessed with makeup

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Actress Tara Sutaria, who has wooed the audience with her stylish and glamorous looks in her debut film ‘Student of the Year 2’, says she loves to do makeup. “I am completely obsessed with makeup. I love to experiment different cosmetic products.

I even check social media to have a look at trending makeup and fashion styles…So that I don’t miss out anything,” Tara told IANS. She has also shared her own makeup style.

“During day time, I prefer to have a natural look…So I opt for minimal makeup. At night, I like to go a little bold,” added Tara, who has been appointed brand ambassador for the global brand, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, in India. Ater putting on makeup, the 23-year-old makes sure to keep herself hydrated as much as possible.


“The most important thing to do is to keep youself hydrated. So when I apply makeup, I make sure to drink ample amount of water. And it is very much important to take off your makeup from your skin completely before heading to sleep. Cleansing, toning and moisturising is my skin care ritual.” On the work front, Tara will next be seen in ‘Marjaavaan’.

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