‘Maine Pyar Kiya’: Kashmir’s fashion designer crafts pheran for Bhagyashree

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Srinagar, Dec 26: It is like a dream come true for Sabia, a Srinagar based fashion designer who crafted a unique Pheran for Bollywood actress Bhagyashree in the valley on her recent visit.

On December 18, Sabia learnt that the Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) fame actress is in Srinagar along with her family and through a well-connected friend from film Industry, she sent an invitation to the actress requesting her to visit their clothing showroom at Baghat area.    

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Sabia called it a ‘dream come true’ and a ‘proud moment’. “She accepted our request and visited our showroom on December 19th morning. We were not expecting that Bhagyshree being such a big film star would visit our clothing brand showroom and promote our brand and Kashmiri Pheran. But she is a very sweet and down to earth actress,” she said.

“On visiting, she praised the craftsmanship of Kashmiri Pherans in our showroom. I gifted a Pheran to her and that was completely designed by me,” she said adding, “I gifted her a handmade Kashmiri Pheran.”

Sabia, who runs a clothing showroom named- The Mirror, said that they are thankful to the actress for visiting them. “It is really a moment of honour for us. We are grateful to her for accepting our invitation. She encouraged and motivated us too,” she said.

She said that Pheran being our traditional winter attire is being promoted by a Bollywood celebrity which is really a big thing. “I think other celebrities who are not aware about Kashmiri Pheran would also start loving it now,” she added.      

However, the actress mentioned Sabia’s brand on her Instagram handle. She wrote, “The Mirror: Women entrepreneurs (Sabia) who started just before the Covid. Their Pherans are so pretty. I picked up one too.”

She also wore the same Pheran for a function in Lucknow on Sunday. She had uploaded stories about the same on her Instagram handle. 

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