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Kashmir journalists condemn online vilification

Srinagar: Kashmir journalist fraternity has said that it is pained to see the continued online vilification campaign of individual journalists and reporters working with various institutions in the valley. 

In a joint statement on Friday issued by several media bodies in the valley, the journalists said: “It seems to have become a routine exercise of pinpointing individuals by making baseless accusations and thereby aiding the rumour mongering against them.”


They added that the deliberate efforts of spreading rumours against reporters are highly unfortunate.

“Journalists in the valley cutting across organisations have been working in difficult circumstances for years and have always tried their best to stay rational in their reportage,” reads the statement. 

“From time to time journalists particularly those who report from the ground have themselves been victims by getting caught into the crisis. Many have been injured and given their blood in the line of duty. The online vilification campaign without any proof not only goes on to malign their images but also endangers their lives considering the volatility of this conflict torn land,” they added. 

The statement concluded: “We hope this propaganda against the Kashmir media stops as it only goes on to add to the vulnerability they face. It is once again reiterated that Kashmir media stands united to defeat the designs of some elements hell bent on targeting the journalists in one way or the other.”