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Here’s Why You Like Coffee More Than Tea: Benefits Decoded

Thousands of people across the world are big coffee fans, despite the bitter taste of the beverage! If a study is to be believed, the more sensitive you are to the bitter taste of caffeine, the more coffee you tend to drink. Logically speaking, a person should want to spit out coffee because of bitterness. But the reality is that people love a daily dose espresso shots. It is because of the stimulation elicited by caffeine that this happens. ANI reports researchers as saying that coffee consumers acquire a taste or the ability to detect caffeine because of the learned positive reinforcement which caffeine elicits. This means that people who have the ability to taste coffee’s bitterness, and the distinct flavour of caffeine are likely to associate good things with it.

The study, published in journal of Scientific Reports, that people who avoided coffee were the ones who are sensitive to flavours of quinine and PROP (which is a synthetic taste related to compounds in cruciferous vegetables).

Speaking of alcohol, higher sensitivity to bitterness of PROP resulted in lower consumption of alcohol, particularly red wine. It is actually our genetics which informs us about our preference for coffee, tea, alcohol, or the perception of bitter tastes.

Following are a few of the many reasons to love your coffee:

1. Coffee gives a boost to your energy levels: Coffee helps people feel less tired and gives a boost to energy levels. This happens because of caffeine – the psychoactive stimulant. Caffeine blocks inhibitory neurotransmitter in your brain which results in a stimulant effect. This can also boost your mood and various other aspects of the brain.

2. Coffee improves physical performance: Caffeine stimulates your nervous system and makes fat cells break down body fat. It also increases levels of adrenaline in the blood, which results in significant improvement in physical performance.

3. Coffee may be good for your liver: Coffee can be good for your liver, as far as you don’t go overboard with its consumption. Make sure you don’t drink more than 3 or 4 cups of coffee in a day.

4. Coffee help in burning fat: Coffee aids fat burning. Several studies have been done which show that coffee can improve your metabolic rate and increase fat burning.

5. Coffee may reduce risks of type 2 diabetes: There are some studies which show that coffee can help in reducing risks of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition which affects millions of people across the world.