Haryana Communal Violence Claims 3 Lives; Internet Shutdown Imposed Following Communal Clashes In Nuh

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Gurugram Communal Violence: Three Dead, 20 FIRs Filed as Police Detain Suspects; Haryana Seeks 20 RAF Companies to Restore Order in Nuh District.

In response to the violent clashes that erupted in Haryana’s Nuh district over a Vishva Hindu Parishad procession, police have taken swift action, registering approximately 20 FIRs and detaining several individuals believed to be involved in the unrest.

To ensure the restoration of law and order in the affected region, the Haryana government has requested the deployment of 20 companies of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) from the Central government, indicating the seriousness of the situation.

In an effort to quell the escalating tensions, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, along with leaders from various political parties, has earnestly appealed to the public to maintain peace and harmony in the state. Acknowledging the severity of the incident, Mr. Khattar assured that the strictest actions will be taken against those responsible for the violence.

The situation remains tense as mobs in Sohna have targeted vehicles and shops belonging to a specific community, leading to road blockades and further unrest. Authorities continue to closely monitor the developments and take necessary measures to restore calm in the region.

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