Dominator: Meet the largest surviving crocodile which is 20 feet long and weighs 1000 kg

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Dominator, a 20-foot-long semiaquatic reptile weighing 1000 kilograms has set the new record of being the second largest crocodile alive,

The Dominator lives in Adelaide River in Australia. The country’s saltwater crocodile population keeps expanding with time.

 Lolong is considered to be the largest crocodile in captivity. It was a saltwater crocodile and was about 6.13 meters long and weighed 1,075 kg. The largest saltwater being died in the year 2013.

Crocodiles are aggressive in nature and are quite dominant as well. The interaction between Dominator and Brutus is proof of their controlling nature.

Brutus is a saltwater crocodile and is about 5.5 meters. The hatred between these two reptiles can easily be observed. Dominator likes to sneak up behind Brutus time and again followed by chomping on his tail, making the latter thrash in water for his life.

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