Despite Dry Spell, 10 Lakh Migratory Birds Flock to Kashmir’s Wetlands for Winter Retreat

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SRINAGAR: Despite the prolonged dry spell in Kashmir, a large number of migratory birds have arrived in the region to maintain their centuries-old tradition of wintering in the wetlands of Kashmir.

The birds have arrived in Kashmir from countries including China, Russia, Japan, Central Asia and European countries. Of the approximately 400 lakes in Kashmir, 25 are chosen by migrating birds for their winter residence.

Ifshan Deewan, Wildlife Warden of the Wetlands Division Kashmir, said nearly 10 lakh migratory birds are presently in all wetlands of Kashmir.

“Approximately 8-10 lakh migratory birds grace the wetlands of the Kashmir valley, with Hokarsar wetland alone hosting 3-4 lakh of these feathered visitors. The final figures will arrive in February after a comprehensive census,” she said.

Contrary to expectations, the dry spell has not cast a shadow over the well-being of these migratory guests, Ifshan said.

She said that ample water reserves in wetlands like Hokarsar and Shalbugh have shielded the avian residents from any adverse effects.

“At this time, no harmful impact on wetlands has been seen due to the dry spell in the valley. We are monitoring the system daily,” she said.

Wetlands Warden said that the department has taken multiple measures to transform all wetlands into habitable spaces, resulting in a notable surge of bird activity—(KNO)

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