Cyber Police Kashmir issues advisory for social media users

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The Cyber Police in Kashmir released guidance on Sunday, urging individuals using social media in the area to act responsibly in order to discourage the dissemination of rumors, false information, hate speech, and inappropriate material.

According to the advisory from Cyber Police Kashmir, “All users of social media are advised to utilize these platforms responsibly and avoid sharing false information, rumors, hate speech, or any content that is obscene, violent, or defamatory.”

“Furthermore, users of social media are warned against promoting terrorist or secessionist ideologies and spreading misleading narratives.”

“The advisory also emphasizes refraining from circulating any potentially incriminating content obtained from other users without verifying its authenticity. Instead, individuals are urged to immediately notify Cyber Police Kashmir upon encountering or receiving such information, rather than sharing it with others. Stay informed and exercise responsibility,” the advisory concludes.

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