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Congress accuses BJP of ‘politicising’ soldiers’ blood to garner votes

New Delhi:Hours after a video showing an Indian Army surgical strike against Pakistan terrorists was released, the Congress on Thursday accused the BJP government of “politicising” the sacrifices of soldiers and using them for “garnering votes”.
Recalling the September 28-29, 2016 surgical strike which the BJP leaders called as the first ever, Congress media head Randeep Surjewala said the BJP had “brazenly” used that strike-form politics ahead of the 2017 Uttar Pradesh elections.
The Congress also asked the PM why he was cutting corners when it came to ensuring the benefits to the Armed Forces. Surjewala referred to ration and various other cuts effected by the government on the forces to make his point.
The Congress said the valour of the forces was a “matter of pride and not politics” and cited the post 2000 surgical strikes conducted silently.
Surjewala mentioned the following strikes—on January 21, 2000 (Nadala Enclave, across the Neelam River); September 18, 2003 (Baroh Sector, Poonch); June 19, 2008 (Bhattal Sector, Poonch); August 30 to September 1, 2011 (Sharda Sector, across Neelam River Valley in Kel); January 6, 2013 (Sawan Patra Checkpost); July 27, 28, 2013 (Nazapir Sector); August 6, 2013 (Neelam Valley); January 14, 2014 (Army Chief, General Bikram Singh’s statement qua surgical strike on Dec 23, 2013).
The Congress said the ruling dispensation had used the September 2016 surgical strikes “shamelessly” to advance their electoral agenda and posters of the PM appeared taking credit for the Army’s job.
“The BJP has trashed every tradition of restraint by belligerent chest-thumping to claim credit of surgical strike with an eye on political and electoral gain. BJP president Amit Shah dishonoured the 70-year-long history of bravery and sacrifice of our Armed Forces by making a disgraceful statement on October 7, 2016 in a press conference in New Delhi that the Indian Army had crossed the LoC for the first time in 68 years. This was also a lie,” Surjewala said.