Commissioner SMC holds meeting regarding Delimitation Process for Municipal Wards

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SRINAGAR: Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), Owais Ahmed today called for swift and decisive action in the crucial delimitation process for municipal wards.

In this connection, a meeting was convened here with the committee members tasked with drafting a proposal for the demarcation of municipal wards, with the primary aim of ensuring a fair and representative governance structure for the city.

During the meeting, Commissioner SMC reiterated the paramount importance of the delimitation process in establishing equitable representation at the municipal level.

He urged the committee to prioritize transparency, fairness, and public participation throughout the process, while strictly adhering to legal guidelines and timelines to ensure the accuracy of the final demarcation.

Emphasizing the need for regular updates to his office, Commissioner SMC highlighted the significance of effective progress monitoring.

The meeting concluded with a collective commitment to achieve the objectives of the delimitation process within the stipulated time frame.

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