‘Bats for Two-State Solution, Won’t Tolerate Terrorism’: India at UN

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India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj, addressed the United Nations General Assembly during the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. In her speech, she reiterated India’s enduring ties with the Palestinian populace, emphasizing support for a negotiated two-state resolution and underscoring India’s unwavering stance against terrorism.

“Allow me to reaffirm our longstanding bond with the Palestinian people, rooted in deep historical and human connections, and our consistent backing of Palestine’s pursuit for statehood, peace, and prosperity,” stated Kamboj. “India maintains a firm stance of zero tolerance towards terrorism. We strongly advocate adherence to international humanitarian laws,” she added.

Kamboj condemned civilian casualties, labeling the loss of innocent lives as entirely unacceptable. Stressing the importance of accountability from all parties involved, she urged for responsible actions.

Calling for collective international efforts to de-escalate tensions, Kamboj denounced acts of terrorism and emphasized India’s belief in the two-state solution. “India has consistently supported negotiations for a two-state resolution to the Israel-Palestine matter, leading to the establishment of an independent, secure, and viable Palestinian state alongside Israel, within recognized borders, fostering peace,” she asserted, reiterating India’s support for a fair and lasting resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“We strongly believe that a negotiated two-state solution addressing final status matters through direct and substantive dialogues between both sides will bring about the enduring peace desired and deserved by the Israeli and Palestinian people,” she added.

Regarding the October 7 attacks, Kamboj expressed India’s concerns and extended prayers for the safe return and well-being of the hostages. “The recent terror attacks in Israel on October 7 were abhorrent and merit absolute condemnation. Terrorism and hostage-taking have no justification,” Kamboj firmly stated. She demanded the immediate and unconditional release of the remaining hostages. Additionally, she highlighted India’s humanitarian aid, including 16.5 tonnes of medical supplies, and mentioned the involvement of India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in communicating with regional leaders.

Kamboj pledged India’s ongoing support for the Palestinian people through bilateral development partnerships encompassing various sectors such as healthcare, education, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, and information technology.