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Baby’s brain ‘damaged’ as eye treatment goes horribly wrong: Srinagar family accuses pvt hospital of medical negligence

Photo: KM/Umar Ganie

Srinagar: A young baby girl has suffered from brain damage due to an alleged overdose of administered an overdose of anesthesia by the doctors at a private eye hospital here.

Family of the the 14-month-old baby girl, Zikra, Sunday protested here at press enclave against the medical negligence of doctors and administration at ASG’s eye hospital in Qamarwari.


The doctors at the ASG hospital, as per the family, did not “bother to accept the guilt rather challenged us to file a court case against them”.

Farooq Ahmad Bhat, a resident of Ali Kadal, father of the baby girl said that his daughter had some eye issue for which he consulted the doctors at ASG Eye hospital in Qamarwari.

“Soon after we approached the doctors there, they prescribed us some exercises and eye drops, which didn’t work. After one and a half month, when we approached Dr. Adil. He said that she will be administered some drugs through injection for which anaesthesia was mandatory. It’s a short procedure and the process would only take 15-30 minutes,” Bhat said.

Photo: KM/Umar Ganie

“We agreed to it and my baby girl was taken for the treatment where overdose of anesthesia was given to her at the operation theatre following which the doctors claimed she is alright and asked us to take her to home,” he said.

He added that instead of 15-30 minutes, Zikra was brought out of the operation theatre after one and half hours and when her mother carried her in her lap, she found her “overweight and cold”.

“A technician kept on bringing the doctor to check the stats, but the doctor kept on repeating that it was all right. On our insistence they told us to take the child to Lal Ded Hospital’s Neonatology department, but we refused and told them we will take the child to GB Pant or SKIMS. At SKIMS immediately without any documentation the child was directly admitted in the ICU, where she was treated for 26 days, and her condition was going from bad to worse,” Bhat added.

Later, Zikra’s parents took out of J&K for treatment.

“We admitted her in Vedenta, Apollo and other premier hospitals, but time was gone and the doctors there told us that it was very late now to treat her,” he said.

“Due to the negligence of doctors, which has damaged her brain, Zikra is not able to walk or move her arms,” he said.

“They initially supported us in taking expenses, but later stopped that also. We don’t want other patients to suffer like we are suffering,” he added.

Photo: KM/Umar Ganie

“Our children are afraid, they feel scared when we talk of the doctors and hospitals, they don’t want to have the sight of a hospital or a doctor,” said Soliha, the baby’s mother.

“Our only demand to higher authorities is to intervene in this matter and take strict action against the accused doctors and the hospital authorities,” the father said.