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April 20, 2024

Educating Adults

As part of efforts to enhance education and infrastructure in the union territory, the Jammu and Kashmir government is aiming to educate 3.5 lakh adults through New India Literacy Programme in 2024-25.

Recruitment body issues bribe advisory to aspirants

Srinagar, Jan 01: Many people have been seeking “bribe” from job aspirants in Jammu and Kashmir, prompting the authorities to issue an advisory. The Service Selection Recruitment Board (SSRB) has sought applications
January 2, 2018

Budget session likely to begin on stormy note

Jammu, Jan 01: The budget session of the Jammu and Kashmir legislature is likely to begin on a stormy note today with opposition parties planning to protest the recent government order barring
January 2, 2018

To counter Hindutva vigilantism,

Every passing week, in one part of the country or another, we Indians seem to underscore the validity of American civil rights champion Martin Luther King’s profound observation: “The ultimate tragedy of
January 2, 2018