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A man holds an ax in his hands against on black background.
2 weeks ago

Sibling rivalry turns deadly in Kashmir

Pattan, Feb 09: A man was injured after being attacked by his brother following an argument over a land dispute in KP Payeen village of Pattan area in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district

The philosophy of sacrifice

The word qurbani embraces vast scope of meaning. This is derived from word qurb (nearness). Therefore the act of qurbani denotes the nearness to Allah Almighty. Technically, the word qurbani refers to
6 years ago

They and Us

Rape is assuming social approval in India. The bloody reaction by thousands of followers of rape-convict “god man” Ram Rahim Singh in parts of Haryana and Punjab is a pointer towards it.
6 years ago

Exalted status of mother

Apart from her role as a wife, the Muslim woman has a very important role as mother. The status and value attached to parents in the Muslim world is very high. A
6 years ago

Sauce for the goose and gander

“THEY have the president. They have the vice president. They have both houses of Congress. They have the supreme court too. But, wait a minute, we have the majority.” That was Michael
6 years ago

Rohingya Muslims calling

“The most persecuted minority in the world” that is how back in 2013 the United Nations described the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. Estimated to be around 1.3 million in number, in their
6 years ago

Rohyinga Villages Burning Again

Authorities in Myanmar say close to 100 people have been killed since Friday when armed men, reportedly from the ArakanRohynga Salvation Army (ARSA), launched a pre-dawn raid on police outposts in the
6 years ago

Challenging American hegemony

Pakistan has finally shown the nerve to resist the bullying tactics of the American President Donald Trump over Afghanistan. The US President, who signalled action against Pakistan for harbouring and supporting what
6 years ago

The Truth about Demonetization

After months of dilly-dallying the Reserve Bank of India has finally come out with the figure that nearly 99 percent of the currency notes demonetized in November 2016, came back to the
6 years ago

Time-bound probe needed

Once again the siphoning of food grains worth crores and allegations of massive corruption in Public Distribution System have come to fore. And with it, once again the rot in the crucial
6 years ago

The folly of renaming: Will we ever learn?

It’s not often that something US President Donald Trump says can be recommended to India’s leaders. But his comment on the futility of trying to rewrite the past certainly deserves the attention
6 years ago