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Army Major made over 3,300 calls in 6 months with fellow’s wife he killed

New Delhi: Indian Army Major Nikhil Handa exchanged over 3,500 calls and messages with wife of a fellow officer he is accused of murdering since January, it was revealed in court on Monday.
Shailza Dwivedi, wife of Major Amit Dwivedi, was found at the Delhi cantonment area on Saturday with her throat slit and signs of being run over.
The court has sent Major Handa, arrested on Sunday from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, to four-day police remand.
When Shailza Dwivedi, one of the finalists of Mrs India Earth 2017, refused Major Handa’s marriage proposal, he allegedly attacked her with a knife, threw her out of the car and ran her over to make it look like a hit-and-run, the police suspect.
He was obsessed with her and wanted to marry her.
“Judging by the number of calls he made, he was too possessive about her,” said police officer Vijay Kumar.
The murder weapon has not been found.
According to police, Major Handa had fought with his wife over his relationship with Shailza Dwivedi the night before he murdered Shailza Dwivedi. On Saturday, he had called Shailza and arranged to meet with her.
After the murder, he reportedly took his Honda City car for a thorough cleaning but forensic experts were still able to detect traces of blood.
“We have fingerprints and Shailza’s hair from the car. Handa also deleted many apps from his and her phones. We are trying to retrieve them,” said a police officer.
The police say Major Handa also tried to get rid of Shailza’s phone by breaking it to pieces and dumping it in a trash can near his home, but it was found.
CCTV footage from outside the Army Base Hospital in the cantonment area showed Dwidevi getting into a car. Her body was found in the area half-an hour later. She was run over, but the police found that her throat was slit before that.
Major Handa and 30-year-old Shailza Dwivedi had met in 2015 in Nagaland when her husband was posted there. They kept in touch even when she came to Delhi along with her husband who was transferred to the capital.
Major Handa, currently posted in Nagaland’s Dimapur, was arrested after Major Dwivedi revealed his suspicion to the police and subsequent investigations were made.