Andre Russell’s midnight workout sessions are just mind blowing

Moscow : West Indies all-rounder Andre Russell’s ripped body looks almost too sculpted to be true. If you are wondering the cricketer might be resorting to some steroids to gain the chiseled avatar, you are highly mistaken. The cricketer workouts extremely hard and has a special trick that helps him look fab; and its not just his envious physique, he also has amazingly high fitness levels and stamina.

The secret to his health and toned body is his strength training and late-night cardio-vascular exercises. The cricketer has even confirmed in the past that his strength training routines are responsible for his improved bowling speed too. He also follows few YouTube videos religiously that helps him as well.


The cricketer, who is active on Instagram, keeps posting his inspirational workout videos. In few of those videos, Russell can be seen running and swimming inside the pool late at night.

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