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Accused Major found Shailza on Facebook, befriended husband to get close

New Delhi: Crucial revelations are being made since when Army Major Nikhil Handa was arrested for allegedly murdering his fellow officer Major Amit Dwivedi’s wife, Shailza Dwivedi. Reports say that Major Nikhil Handa had first seen Shailza on social networking site, Facebook, in 2015 and soon became “obsessed” with her.
According to reports, police sources revealed that Major Nikhil Handa saw a photograph of Shailza Dwivedi on a mutual friend’s timeline, after which he sent her a request to connect and soon became friends on Facebook. Gradually, Nikhil Handa reached out to Shailza’s husband, Major Amit Dwivedi, and befriended him as well.
Soon, Major Handa became a regular at the Dwivedi’s place in Nagaland, which possibly led to the affair.
As the affair blossomed, Nikhil Handa, who is already married, expressed his desire to marry Shailza, but she kept turning him down.
Ultimately, Major Amit Dwivedi came across a clip of a video call between his wife Shailza and Major Nikhil Handa, which made the friendship between the two Army officers turn sour. According to reports, Major Amit Dwivedi asked his fellow officer Major Nikhil Handa never to visit his house or meet Shailza ever again.
On Saturday, CCTV footage from outside the Army Base Hospital in the Delhi cantonment area showed Shailza getting into Honda City car of Major Nikhil Handa. Her body was found in the area half-an hour later.
In the car, both Dwivedi and Handa are said to have had a heated argument, during which he attacked her with a knife, threw her out of the car and drove over her to make the murder look like an accident.
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Major Handa was arrested on Sunday from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh on the charges of killing Shailza, after her body was found near the Brar Square in the Delhi Cantonment area.