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89% of Indian Mothers Worried About Children’s Screen Time

May 13, 2024

A recent report by market research firm Techarc revealed that a significant 89 per cent of Indian mothers are worried about the screen time of their children. The study, conducted on 600 working mothers in four metro cities with children in grades 3-10, sheds light on the challenges and concerns faced by mothers in today’s digital landscape.

Mothers’ Concerns Over Children’s Screen Time

Mothers expressed concerns about various aspects of their children’s online activities. Privacy (81 per cent), exposure to inappropriate content (72 per cent), influence of teenage influencers (45 per cent), and the risks associated with deep fakes and impersonation (26 per cent) were highlighted as top worries.

Future Worries: Deep Fakes and Gen AI

The report also indicated that mothers anticipate future challenges related to deep fakes and Gen AI, expressing concerns about the potential negative impact on their children’s reputation and credibility. The increasing prevalence of these technologies is seen as a looming issue for parents.

Impact of VR Headsets on Children

Mothers believe that “this form factor will zone out their children who will lose attentiveness towards the environment adding to their distractions,” the report said.This study underscores the complex relationship between mothers, children, and the digital world, highlighting both the benefits and challenges that come with raising children in an increasingly digital age.

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